Sharing Jesus

How do I tell my friends about Jesus?

Live the Life

A wise man once said: “Evangelize always. Use words when necessary” (St. Francis of Assisi). Share Jesus with your friends through the way you act. Give your friends a reason to ask you why you are different from everybody else. Make them ask, “Why do you do the things you do?” “Why don’t you use the language everybody else does?”

“The only way you are going to make a difference in your friend’s lives is by being different.”

Ask Good Questions

Let’s be honest: We all like talking about ourselves much more than listening to others. So when you want to share the hope and life you have in Jesus with a friend, try beginning the conversation by asking “What do you think a Christian is?” or “Do you ever think about church or Jesus?” There are countless ways of sharing Jesus with your friends in a manner that will make them want to interact with the idea of who Jesus is. Try it out! (Check out Acts 8:26-40 to see this in action.)

Know Your Stuff

It’s a sunny day out, your grades are up, and you are having fun with your friends. Everything is great! That is, until the girl next to you asks, “So why do you go to church and believe all that Jesus stuff?” Gulp. Everything deep within your stomach feels like it is silently being wrung out like a wet towel; you just don’t know what to say.

The time will come when a friend of yours asks you to share about what Jesus means to you and you’d better be ready. The Bible says that we are to “always be prepared to give an answer… for the hope that you have” (I Peter 3:15). To be able to lead your friends to Jesus, you have to know your stuff. So dig in to God’s letter to you – The Bible – and encounter God in a new way today. And then, when someone asks you about Jesus you’ll be ready to share this incredibly good news with them!

Don’t be Shy, Don’t be Afraid

We’ve all heard of Mercedes Benz. If you’re like me, you’ve even dreamt of having one. Well, some years ago the Benz company developed a crash-resistant frame for their cars. They could have made a killing from being the only car company with such a sturdy frame, but instead, they decided to share the design with other car companies. When the President of Mercedes was asked why they didn’t keep it all to themselves, he said this: “Because some things are too important not to share.”

The Bible says that we have no reason to be timid or fearful anymore if we know Jesus. Instead, we’ve been given a spirit of power, of love and a strong mind (II Timothy 1:7). How amazing is that? What God has done in your life through the grace offered in Jesus is too good not to share with your friends – and we have no reason to shy away from sharing it!