Club Description

Wednesday Nights

6:15 - 8:00pm


For children from age 2 through 6th Grade (ages 2-3), for the toddlers of our Wednesday night Awana Leaders, Puggles introduces young children to basic Bible truths at church and equips parents to teach them at home.


Cubbies(ages 3-4) is built on two premises:

  • Young children can and should receive spiritual training.

  • Home is the primary place for spiritual training.

Our Cubbies club meets these needs through lots of fun! Games, puppets, crafts, awards, snacks and other activities make Cubbies a lively weekly experience where fun and learning go hand in hand. Clubbers display their awards on their blue vest uniform, which they wear to club each week.


Sparks (Kindergarten - 2nd grade) combines learning with fun to create an atmosphere of irresistible excitement. Club meetings are divided into three segments:

  • Bible teaching, singing, announcements and awards

  • Small group interaction and completion of Bible-based lessons

  • Games that appeal to kids of all skill levels

Sparkies receive participation and achievement awards which are displayed on their red uniform vests.


T&T (3rd-6th grade) weekly meetings are divided into three segments of gut-busting, team-oriented fun in Game Time; singing and a Bible message in Large Group Time; and reciting Bible truths in Handbook Time. T&T features increased focus on Scripture application in a structured environment program, fun characters, and more. 3rd-4th grade T&T clubbers wear a green uniform T-shirt, on which is attached an achievement badge to hold their awards. 5th-6th grade Clubbers wear a blue jersey uniform on which to affix their achievement patches.


Trek (7th-8th grade) meets the needs of junior higher's at their level. Trek meetings take a three-tiered approach by offering something for everyone: a feature event uses games and activities to attract teens and then make them feel at home; large group time communicates Bible truths relevant to the teenagers' lives; a small group time, provides teens with personal time to interact with their leaders and friends.

Sunday Afternoons



Journey (high school) provides teens with what they need: relevant 21st-century content, a strong emphasis on life application, thorough apologetics, and the trademark of Awana, Scripture memory-invaluable ingredients for character-shaping discipleship. All this plus weekly games with their friends makes a great balance of learning and fun. High school students may also choose to volunteer as Student Leaders for the younger clubs on Wednesday nights.