Living "The Story"

Madeleine L’Engle says that “All of life is a story.” She’s right, isn’t she?

Our lives are full of beauty – and tragedy. Excitement – and disappointment. Laughter – and tears. There is a plot line to our lives that we’re desperate to discover:

Why are we here?

What does this all mean?

When will things get better?

Who will come to the rescue this time?

Life is a story. And if life is a story then there must be a Storyteller. And we must have a role to play.

This fall our church family will be diving into The Story; a chronological, abridged reading of Scripture. It’s a retelling of the grand narrative that God is writing through all of history, from the beginning of time to the final restoration of all things. The Story makes God’s Word more easily accessible for those who are newer to scripture or exploring Christ and, for those of us who have been following Christ for many years, The Story will give us a fuller context for the human stories we’ve heard since Sunday School. Through it all, we’ll learn to see our every day stories swept up into God’s grand story.

The Story isn’t just something we’ll be studying together; no, you’re living The Story.

I’m excited to join you in exploring The Story this year and to learn along with you what role God is inviting us to play in it.