Teaching Resources

Each program in Children’s Ministry is thoughtfully and purposefully planned. The program is designed so that the lessons build off one another and progress from one age/stage to the next, much like a school system. However, the lessons in each grade group have a reasonable amount of overlap and are taught in such a way that the Christian faith can be introduced and grasped by most children whatever grade level they enter.

Find links below to view/download weekly lesson materials.

Gospel Light curriculum is used in the Nursery classrooms. Please view the sample video above of the curriculum.

Elevate Pastor’s curriculum is used in the PreK – 4th grade classroom. Please view the sample video above of the curriculum. 

Preschool Learning Materials
(Take Home Lessons)

July 5 - Lesson 4
July 12 - Lesson 5
July 19 -Lesson 6
July 26 - Lesson 7

1st - 4th Grade Learning Materials
(Take Home Lessons - refer to this website https://www.leadershipforkids.tv/browse/series/ for video on the topic)

July 5 - Lesson 4
July 12 - Lesson 5
July 19 - Lesson 6
July 26 - Lesson 7

5th-6th Grade Learning Materials
(Take Home Lessons)

Summer Lessons coming soon

You may find more resources of children's activities at Whatsinthebible.com. or Rightnowmedia.org.

Getting Involved

How Can I Get Involved?

You do not need a degree in childhood development or elementary education to serve in Children’s Ministry – a heart and a desire to love and serve God are completely sufficient. There are many different opportunities for you to serve within Children’s Ministry. Whether you enjoy holding babies, telling Bible stories, greeting, singing songs, playing guitar, working with puppets, organizing things, cooking or even assisting in office work, there is a place for you!

As you consider this opportunity to help in Children’s Ministry, first of all, pray and seek God’s counsel and guidance. Secondly, remember the awesome gift you can be to each child that attends - you may be the only glimpse of Jesus they see all week. Be inspired by the growth and development you can help bring about in each child. Take heart in knowing that by simply showing up consistently each week, you have an opportunity to demonstrate lessons in faithfulness, love and security. We are certain that the small sacrifices made each week to care for, show His love and teach His Word to His precious children are well worth it!

If you would like to help, contact Sherry Ju by phone: 685-4821 ext. 115 or email: sju@fbceg.org.

Please do not hesitate to let us know how we are doing – we love to get your feedback. Constructive comments and suggestions will help us improve our ministry to your children. Positive stories are good to share with our volunteers to encourage and support them as well. Contact Sherry Ju by email sju@fbceg.org or by phone (916) 685-4821.