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Library hours: Sundays 7:30am-1pm; Tuesdays 1-4pm
Location: Northeast Hallway of the main building, next to Rm. A-1

The church library has a wealth of resources to help you grow to maturity in Christ. You might be visiting this page in hopes to search or reserve a book - unfortunately, our online catalog is currently not available. Our volunteer librarian is working very hard to update our library inventory. We will keep you updated on our progress and hoping we can bring back a well-loved online resource.

You may email library@fbceg.org to check if a specific book is on our shelf and to reserve it, OR drop by in person during library hours. You may also call ext. 150 and leave a voice mail message.


Featured Bookshelf (Librarian Picks)

lifeoversLifeOvers: Upside-Down Ways to Become More Like Jesus
Gracie Malone

Bible teacher Gracie Malone knows that women want to have meaningful relationships with God. But many women think that they need to spend more time and put great effort into chasing God down and fitting him into their already busy lives. Her advice to women is this: look at Christ in a new way. When Jesus taught, it was in paradoxes and riddles that always ended in unexpected ways-just like life tends to do. Jesus's teachings challenge us to live life just the opposite of what society tells us to pursue. In this twelve-week journey through the teachings of Jesus, Malone guides women, either individually or in small groups, into a deeper understanding of a God who is in control, even when it doesn't feel like it. With Malone's powerful writing, readers will discover that through this new outlook, they get a chance to do life the way God intends.

whatdiff"What Difference Do It Make?" 
Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent

What Difference Do It Make? continues the hard-to-believe story of hope and reconciliation that began with the New York Times bestseller, Same Kind of Different as Me. Ron Hall and Denver Moore, unlikely friends and even unlikelier coauthors—a wealthy fine-art dealer and an illiterate homeless African American—share the hard-to-stop story of how a remarkable woman’s love brought them together.

Deeply moving but never sappy or sentimental, What Difference Do It Make? answers its own question with a simple and emphatic answer. What difference can one person (or two) make in the world? A lot!

forgotten-girls"Forgotten Girls"
Kay Marshall Strom and Michael Pickett

Think of the little girls you know: your daughter, a niece, a friend's child. And then think about this: little girls are tossed away every day. All over the world, women and girls face:

starvation - displacement - illiteracy - sexual exploitation - abuse

In fact, statistics show that the world's most oppressed are overwhelmingly female. Moved by their plight, Kay Marshall Strom and Michele Rickett took a trip across continents to partner with ministries working to help females and to interview girls in some of the most difficult places in the world.

These pages hold those girls' stories: stories of deep pain and suffering, inspiring courage, and incredible hope. They are the stories of girls who have discovered their value in God's eyes, in the midst of cultures that have rejected them. They are stories of rescue and redemption by God working through compassionate people--people like you. These pages might hold pieces of your story as well, as the authors invite you to pray and speak on behalf of the millions of women and girls who still need to know how much they're worth. For each of the five sections of the book--physical suffering, education, sexual protection, prison and war, and spiritual life--the authors provide specific, practical action steps and prayer points that allow you to get involved as God leads. Opening these pages will open your eyes to situations you couldn't imagine, to places you've probably never been and to young girls--not so different from the ones you know--who are dearly loved by God. And our powerful God will help us as we read, speak and pray on their behalf, that the forgotten might become free.

door-of-hopeDoor of Hope
Jan Frank

Victims of abuse-any abuse-need to know how other people have made it through the recovery process. As a victim of incest herself, Jan Frank understands the myriad emotions that victims struggle with and offers ten proven stops toward recovery in Door of Hope.

A powerful story of inspiration and restoration, Door of Hope, is Jan's journey toward wholeness. But it is much more than a story.

It is hope for other victims. And in this updated edition, Jan provides a special section featuring answers to questions most often asked by abuse victims and those who love them.

scarlet-threadThe Scarlet Thread
Francine Rivers

Two women, centuries apart, are joined through a tattered journal as they contend with God, husbands, and even themselves . . . until they fall into the arms of the One who loves them unconditionally.

Sierra Madrid’s life has just been turned upside down when she discovers the handcrafted quilt and journal of her ancestor Mary Kathryn McMurray, a young woman who was uprooted from her home only to endure harsh conditions on the Oregon Trail.

Though the women are separated by time and circumstance, Sierra discovers that many of the issues they face are remarkably similar. By following Mary Kathryn’s example, Sierra learns to surrender to God’s sovereignty and unconditional love.

Frank Peretti

An ancient sin. A long forgotten oath. A town with a deadly secret.

Something evil is at work in Hyde River, an isolated mining town in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Under the cover of darkness, a predator strikes without warning—taking life in the most chilling and savage fashion.

The community of Hyde River watches in terror as residents suddenly vanish. Yet, the more locals are pressed for information, the more they close ranks, sworn to secrecy by their forefathers’ hidden sins. Only when Hyde River’s secrets are exposed is the true extent of the danger fully revealed. What the town discovers is something far more deadly than anything they’d imagined. Something that doesn’t just stalk its victims, but has the power to turn hearts black with decay as it slowly fills their souls with darkness.

Lori Wick

All dressed up in a fresh new cover, Pretense, the bestselling novel from Lori Wick is ready for a brandnew generation of readers.

Marrell, a happily married army wife,adores her family, but throughout her life she’s felt something missing. Whenshe discovers that the void is spiritual, she is afraid to tell her husband. Willhe understand that he cannot meet all of her needs, and that she cannot meetall of his?

Covering the lives of Marrell andher two daughters, Mackenzie and Delancey, from the1970s to the 1990s, Pretense is acharacter–rich novel written from Lori’s heart that shows the patient love ofGod and the promise of His forgiveness for all who seek Him.

until-we-reach-home-250Until We Reach Home
Lynn Austin

Life in Sweden seems like an endless winter for three sisters after their mother's death and father's suicide. Elin feels the weight of responsibility for her sisters' welfare, and when circumstances become unbearable, she writes to her relatives in Chicago, pleading for help.

Joining sixteen million other immigrants who left their homelands for America between 1890 and 1920, Elin, Kirsten, and Sofia begin the long, difficult journey. Enduring the ocean voyage in steerage and detention on Ellis Island, their story is America's story. And in a journey fraught with hardships, each woman will come to understand her secret longings and the meaning of home.

The Legacy Journey

Legacy Journey

It's here! The Legacy Journey is Dave Ramsey's long-awaited follow-up to Financial Peace University (FPU)! This class is more than 20 years in the making, and it's going to change family trees forever.

This brand-new course doesn't replace FPU—you still need the nuts-and-bolts foundation for your money FPU provides. The Legacy Journey builds on that foundation. It's for those who want to know what's next once their families are free from debt. If FPU was showing you how to wake up, The Legacy Journey is showing you how to grow up. This class leads members into a deeper look at what the Bible has to say about wealth and gives them practical tools for managing their resources and living a generous life. The Legacy Journey will show you how to live a legacy now while preparing to leave a legacy for your children—and future generations to come. This is the class for those who want to finish strong!

Upcoming Classes

April 8 - May 20 | Thursdays @ 6:30pm | Rm. A-1 | Register Now

Kindness Kits


Continue to equip your family to be prepared with KINDNESS KITS by using the following suggested contents:{socialbuttons}

Any combination of the following items that could be packed in a 1 gallon plastic bag…

  • T-shirt, underwear and socks
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Travel size toiletries such as soap, deodorant, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.
  • Face cloth
  • Chap-stick or lip balm
  • Band-aids
  • Feminine products (for women)
  • Disposable razor
  • Gum or mints
  • Granola bar, crackers, dried fruit snacks, or anything that will not melt
  • Water bottle$5 gift card to fast food
  • Gospel tract or mini Bible
  • Personal note of encouragement

Kit Sharing Opportunities

You, your family and friends are encouraged to watch for those on the street while you drive and live life daily. Stop, engage and share a Kindness Kit when you identify an opportunity to share encourage-ment.

You may also join Vic & Amy Mendoza of FBC when they feed the homeless each month at Caesar Chavez Park. Watch the bulletin or contact the Mendoza’s at vicnamy1@comcast.net for upcoming dates.

Going further…
Get involved with Winter Sanctuary contact Fred Bremerman at bdadof3@yahoo.com. Volunteer at Elk Grove Food Bank or PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) by calling 685-8453 or visiting www.elkgrovefoodbank.org.

Consider joining an existing FBC ministry. Jr. High, Sr. High & College groups serve monthly at the Union Gospel Mission; Branching Out for Christ College Ministry feeds the homeless one Sunday per month.

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a life-altering, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel resource that will help you learn to manage the money God has entrusted to you.

Classes take place once a week for 9 weeks and are approximately 90 minutes long. (The first hour is DVD-based; the last half hour is small group discussion.) 

Cost of the course is $99/family. If you need cost assistance, please contact Sharon Sorrentino at ssorrentino@fbceg.org.

To purchase your kit and/or to register, visit www.daveramsey.com.

Register early to receive materials before class starts.

Join us this fall!

If you'd like to learn more about what's next once your family is debt-free, click here for information about The Legacy Journey.

Getting Started

We believe that people grow best when they are connected through relationships with others. FBC offers different pathways to help you get connected here — by going on our BlinQ Tour, attending one of our Getting Started 101 classes, or by joining a small group or one of our life stage groups...just to name a few.

If you consider yourself a spiritual explorer, click here for reading resources we highly recommend you check out. To learn more about small groups, visit our Life Groups page.

BlinQ Tour (a Brief Look Into your Next Question)

Have you ever felt lost on our campus? (Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.) Maybe you’ve heard we have a Chapel, a commercial-grade kitchen, and a Main Street(?!).. but just where are they? Well we have just the solution for you and it’s called BlinQ!

So, what is BlinQ? It’s a bi-monthly tour of our campus given by our Campus Facilitator, Linda Stone, who will give you insight into just how much our facility is used, how it’s being used, and where all those nooks and crannies are! Secret Note: They even venture into the staff offices (which in itself is worth spending 30 minutes on a walking tour!).

Tours are given on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 10:45am or by appointment. We meet by the Guest Services Kiosk just outside the Auditorium doors. Join us to see and hear about what God is doing at FBC.

Staff Contact: Linda Stone
lstone@fbceg.org or ext. 114

Membership Class (for new or regular attenders)

At FBC, we are committed to coming alongside anyone who wants to move forward in their relationship with God—and finding a local church you can call 'home' is a significant part of that journey. If you're interested in getting connected at FBC or getting involved in the life of this church, the Membership Class is your first step. Learn about our ministries, its history, beliefs, and values, and how to get involved. 

Exploring membership? Learn the next steps to becoming a member of FBC, available through the second half of this class to anyone interested.

Upcoming Classes

Sunday, February 22 | 12:30-3:30pm | Rm. A-1 | Sign up at Guest Services
Sunday, May 3 | 12:30-3:30pm | Rm. A-1 | Sign up at Guest Services

Register Online

Staff Contact: Melissa Yocum
myocum@fbceg.org or ext. 112

Baptism Class

Baptism is an act of obedience symbolizing the believer’s identification with the death, burial and resurrection of the Savior Jesus Christ (Romans 6:3-5) through the immersion of a believer in water in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:18-20).

Have you been considering taking this next step and would like further information? Our Baptism Class will walk you through what it means to be baptized as well as give you insight into our Baptism Services on June 1.

Upcoming Classes

Sunday, January 25
Sunday, April 17

Staff Contact: Karen Nowlan
knowlan@fbceg.org or ext. 109