The Ansari Initiative

The Ansari Initiative


We are partnering with Southern Baptist International Mission Board to engage an unreached people group (The Ansari Muslims of India) with the gospel.

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Be in prayer for the two national pastors to the Ansari people, Yusif and Akram, and the eight national pastors that they are discipling, all of whom we help support.

Ansari Village Project
As part of the 2010 Advent Conspiracy, we raised $15,987. Combine this with the $30,000 the church has already committed to this project and we have a grand total of $45,987.15 that has been donated to: 1) build two schools and run them free to the students for the first 3 years 2) send church planters to minister in those 2 communities.

If you would like to be part of the task force that helps us develop this ministry, contact P.C. Philip at