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Blessing of Ministry


It's been a blessing to watch our young people walk out their faith this summer. Our Facebook news feeds and email inboxes were filled with wonderful news about the work that God is doing through them. Lives are forever changed, for both our kids and those they served.

barnabas-3-smallOver the past few weeks we've had 45 High School students and adult leaders ministering to those with special needs and working alongside national pastors in Romania. Our Romania team has seen God work in amazing ways - even leading 48 kids to Christ during their first week of VBS! Our Camp Barnabas students gave themselves away for the sake of kids with Autism and Down's Syndrome. Through their ministry they've learned to love, be patient, and more faithfully honor God with their life.  

nyc-worshipThe college students and young adults have also been busy doing Kingdom work this summer. The New York team was blown away by the myriad of human needs in the city. But God is not absent. God sightings were definitely numerous and their eyes were opened.  Last Thursday the team served HIV and cancer-ridden adults in Manhattan, many of whom are transgender and gay adults. God created a heart of compassion and understanding in the team. They also helped do laundry for 106 shelters in NYC. Five hours of sorting, fluffing and folding! Through the simple tasks as well as uncomfortable situations, God taught them patience, broke their hearts, showed them that we're all created in God's image and a resume is not needed to receive God's love.

barnabas-2-smallWe live in a world that is hurting and broken. Yet a light that shines brightly for Jesus is very present. Giving us hope. Challenging us. Changing our perspective. We thank God for all of you who prayed and supported our young people, allowing them to experience the blessing of ministry. Let's continue to pray for these young people and the ones they served!

“For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.”  - Psalm 100:5