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Highlights from Synergy Basketball

Synergy Basketball completed another great season with 120 players who participated in summer games. Although many familiar faces returned, some new faces emerged from the community. God was LOUD and showed himself BIG this summer.

Here are some of the highlights:

Through the Synergy Shoot-a-thon, players were able to raise nearly $1200 for missionaries.

Synergy families collected a barrel full of non perishable food items in support of the Loving Hands Ministry.

Adventure Crew was able to raise money during concessions of Synergy Games to help purchase resources to care for children of women who attend bible study during the week.

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But the best highlight of all...

7 players received Jesus this season! A young man by the name of Nam who participated in Synergy for 2 seasons and attended youth ministry events frequently in the past 2 years made the special decision to receive Jesus. In previous years, he had reservations about accepting Christ because of his Buddhist background. Through the Gospel message that was effectively presented with the Evangecube, God made it clear to Nam that evening this truth: "...by grace you have been saved, through faith" from Ephesians 2:8! He no longer had reservations; he was ready and willing to receive Jesus! Prayers were definitely answered!

It's amazing how a simple tool like the Evangecube sparks interest! I observed some of the players sharing the gospel with the Evangecube to other players as it had been presented to them by their coach. Two junior high twin brothers, Bryce and Hunter, attempted to share, although not believers. As we reiterated the gospel to them to further their understanding, they too accepted Jesus in their hearts and shared with their parents the good news - in Bryce's profound words, "we have hope in Jesus!"

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