Your First Visit

Before the Sunday service, we recommend that you arrive 15-20 minutes before the service time to allow for parking, checking in your children and seating in worship.

New Family Check-in

For your first visit as our guest, please begin at the Children’s Ministry Kiosk in the lobby of the Main Auditorium Building.  It is here that we will be able to properly greet you, register your children and show them to their classrooms. Please refer to the campus map for check-in stations and classroom locations.


After your first visit, you may check in your children all at once at any of our three check-in locations. Please refer to the campus map for check-in stations and classroom locations.

Upon check-in, a sticky name badge will be printed and placed on your child. You will receive a receipt tag (or a pager, if you are not attending the main service in the Auditorium).  The number of the receipt tag (or pager) will correspond with the number on your child’s name badge.  Please keep your receipt tag (or pager) in a safe place - you will need it to pick up your child.

If your child needs you during the service, we will post your child’s first name and receipt tag number on the digital display located on the wall left of the platform in the Main Auditorium. (If you are not in the Main Auditorium and you have a pager, the pager will vibrate.) Once alerted, please come promptly to your child’s classroom.

Because our campus is large and thousands of people attend each weekend, it is in their best interest and for their safety that you escort your children (through grade 4) to and from their classroom. Please do not allow your children to run off to class alone or leave them unsupervised.


Because we have multiple services and we must prepare for the incoming students, parents are asked to pick up their children immediately following the service.

When you pick up your child, please show your receipt tag (or pager) to the door monitor in each classroom when exiting so he/she can match it to the number on your child’s name badge.  Please allow the door monitor to remove your child’s name badge. If you have more than one child to pick up, please keep the receipt tag (or pager) until your last child is picked up. Please return the pager to the door monitor after picking up your last child.

Check Out Safety Policies

Infants – Kindergarten: Siblings under 18 years old may NOT pick up children in this age group; only an adult holding the matching security tag/pager may do so.

Grades 1-4
: It is preferred that children in this age group be checked in and out by a parent/guardian.  However, at parental/guardian discretion, students who are 7th grade or older may check-in and pick up their younger siblings in this grade group upon presenting the matching security tag/pager.

Grades 5-6
: Unless the parent/guardian requests otherwise, children in this age group can check in and out on their own.  Children in this grade group are required to stay in the classroom for the entirety of the service and are not free to roam the campus while their parents are attending the worship service.

Well Child Policy

For the protection of all children in our ministry, we cannot accept a child with a fresh cold who presents with the following symptoms: fever within the last 24 hours, runny nose with discolored mucus (green or yellow), rash, persistent cough, vomiting/diarrhea, open sores, irritated eyes (discharge in or around the eye), or any other sign of communicable illness.
If your child becomes sick after he/she has been checked in, you will be paged to come get him/her.


When you learn of your child’s allergy, please inform the check-in attendant so it can be logged in our database.  Once logged in the database, the allergy should print along the bottom portion of your child’s name badge every time you check-in.

Although the allergy is printed on the name badge, it is always good practice to inform your child’s teacher/leader of any allergies (especially to food products) that your child may have.  Because we have a large number of volunteers that sometimes rotate, and although we do our best to train them accordingly, it may be necessary for you to remind the volunteer staff each time you attend, until it becomes common knowledge, that your child has a food allergy.

FBC Children’s Ministry General Safety Standards

We take the safety of your children seriously and we want you to feel confident in entrusting your children to us.  For your benefit and peace of mind, please take the time to review some of our general safety policies:

  • All adult volunteers are required to complete a Background Check and Volunteer Application and interview process prior to regular service in any Children’s Ministry program. All approved volunteers will wear name badges.
  • No classroom should ever be left with children unattended. If a teacher/leader has not arrived or only one approved adult volunteer is present, please do not leave your child until the second adult teacher/helper has arrived.
  • Several volunteers and all paid staff members are CPR and First Aid certified. We have first-aid kits available to care for minor injuries.  If an injury should occur, however minor, an Incident/”Ouch” Report will be completed by the child’s teacher/leader and will be discussed with and signed by the parent.
  • Please become familiar with the Emergency Evacuation Plan posted in each classroom. Pay particular attention to the evacuation meeting place for each classroom your children may attend. If an alarm sounds, please remain calm, leave the building following the suggested evacuation route and go directly to your child’s evacuation meeting place to pick up him/her. If reasonable, please present your receipt tag or pager to the teacher/leader before taking your child.

Lost & Found

Items left in the classroom will be labeled and placed in the Administrative Office at the end of the day.  Please visit or call the church office to locate your missing item.

To help reduce lost items:

  • Please leave toys at home.
  • Label your child’s belongings with his/her first initial and last name.
  • Due to storage limitations, all “lost” items not claimed after 3 months will be donated to charity.