Teaching Resources

Each program in Children’s Ministry is thoughtfully and purposefully planned. The program is designed so that the lessons build off one another and progress from one age/stage to the next, much like a school system. However, the lessons in each grade group have a reasonable amount of overlap and are taught in such a way that the Christian faith can be introduced and grasped by most children whatever grade level they enter.

Find links below to view/download weekly lesson materials.

Gospel Light curriculum is used in the Nursery classrooms. Please view the sample video above of the curriculum.

Elevate Pastor’s curriculum is used in the PreK – 4th grade classroom. Please view the sample video above of the curriculum. 

Preschool Learning Materials
(Take Home Lessons)

January 31 - Lesson 4
February 7 - Lesson 5
February 14 - Lesson 6
February 21 - Lesson 7
February 28 - Lesson 8

1st - 4th Grade Learning Materials
(Take Home Lessons - refer to this website https://www.leadershipforkids.tv/browse/series/ for video on the topic)

January 31 - Lesson 4
February 7 - Lesson 1
February 14 - Lesson 2
February 21 - Lesson 3
February 28 - Lesson 3

5th-6th Grade Learning Materials
(Take Home Lessons)

You may find more resources of children's activities at Whatsinthebible.com. or Rightnowmedia.org.