Food for Thought - Sept 26, 2013

Written by Camille Vocker on .

Your Questions Answered

Q: Even though I’m a stay-at-home mom, I sometimes find it difficult to keep my house clean. What tips or advice can you give for staying on top of housework?

A: For those of you that may struggle in this area, a cleaning schedule might be just the tool to keep you organized and on top of things. The purpose of a schedule is to break down household chores into manageable chunks so that keeping a clean house doesn’t become so overwhelming. Both Pinterest and Google turn up tons of great examples when you do a search for “cleaning schedule”. Some of these are so beautifully designed that you can’t help but be inspired to go clean your toilets! Seriously! My favorite ones include a daily list of things to do (like making beds and dishes) as well as a weekly run down of all the major household chores. I actually put my schedule in a picture frame and have it propped up on my kitchen counter where I can see it all the time. Then, when I complete a task, I take great pleasure in checking off that item with a dry erase marker! (What is it about checking something off that feels so good?) To that end, if I don’t get something done, I try not to beat myself up about it. After all, being a great wife and mom isn’t about having a perfectly clean house!

Q: As a mother of young children, I feel that one of my greatest callings is to help them develop a deep love for the Lord. What are some things I can do to be intentional about this?

A: Certainly the goal of any Christian parent is to raise children who will love and serve Jesus. And while we know that raising a child in a Christian home does not necessarily guarantee a positive outcome, there are things you can and should do to intentionally point your child to Jesus beyond church attendance and bedtime prayers. We were fortunate to have several Titus 2 Moms weigh in on this question. Their advice includes:

  • Make God a part of everything in your life. Point out to your children what you see Him doing and give Him praise in front of them for all He does. (See Deuteronomy 6:5-7)
  • Marvel with them over God's creation like the birth of an animal, sunrises and rainbows. YouTube can be a great resource for this!
  • Read Bible stories with your children and help them understand His word. As they get older, help them to memorize scripture and hide His word in their hearts.
  • Pray with and for your children several times a day. From the time they are babies, pray without ceasing for your children's salvation and walk with the Lord as well as for their future mates.
  • Teach Christian songs to your children that they can remember as they grow older.
And finally, perhaps the most important thing you can do to foster a love for the Lord in the heart of your child is to have a dynamic relationship with Him yourself. As the old saying goes, sometimes more is caught than taught.
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