5th - 6th Grade

Route 56

“Route 56” is a great place for energetic, fun-loving pre-teens in grades 5 & 6! In Route 56 students can “hang out” with friends their own age and dig deeper into the word of God, both in large and small group settings. We worship, learn Scripture, play games, and talk about growing up and growing in faith. By the time your pre-teen has completed 6th grade, he/she should be able to name all the books of the Bible, know where to locate them and how to implement basic inductive Bible study skills (i.e., What does it say?; What does it mean?; What does it mean for me?), and begin to develop personal Bible study skills.

56 Blowout

How many times have you heard your 5th or 6th grade student say, “I don’t want to go, I don’t or won’t know anyone?" This Friday night event is an extension of our Sunday morning Route 56 program. It was designed to help 5th and 6th grade students get and stay connected with their peers so that when they move into the difficult teen years they are more likely to stay connected to their Junior and Senior High Ministries and church youth groups.

56 Blowout takes place the third Friday of each month (September – May) where 5th & 6th grade students come together to socialize and play in a safe, fun, Christian environment. Our 56 Coordinator has a gift for creating fun, energizing games and activities which encourage pre-teens to interact with each other. Through these activities the kids learn principles of how God wants them to be and about His plan for their lives.

Staff Contact: Justine Donnelly