Nursery Group Info

Nursery (Birth – 3 years)

Providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment is our number one priority. While your child is in our care, he/she will begin to understand Jesus’ love and learn to associate God and Jesus with loving people and fun activities.

Here's what we're learning in Sunday School!

Class format

Our 2’s and 3’s classes have a traditional Sunday school format using Gospel Light curriculum. Once checked in and greeted by their teacher, the children have an opportunity to play and interact with each other while playing with toys, games or coloring.  They then gather in a large group for singing, prayer, offering and Bible story. After story time, the children form in small groups to play games, do age-appropriate art/craft projects that enhance the Bible lesson and pray before they receive a snack.

Babies/toddlers are promoted to the next classroom according to their age and/or development.

For your child’s benefit and to create a consistency with the public school calendar and rules for entry into Kindergarten, children in the older two’s class through 4 years will NOT promote to the next age group on their birthday, they should wait until Promotion Sunday, which is typically the first weekend in June.

What to bring for your baby/toddler:

When you pack your diaper bag, please remember to include: two or three disposable diapers, a complete change of clothes, bottles pre-mixed (if needed)/”sippy” cups, pacifier or security blanket (if used).
Label all of your child’s belongings with first & last name - diaper bag (with the Diaper Tag), pacifier, bottle, snack container, sweaters/jackets, etc. We can provide asset/item tags at check-in, ask the check in attendant.

Diaper Changing

Parents are responsible to furnish diapers for their child. However, a small supply of diapers is kept in the nursery in case an emergency arises.

Caregivers are instructed to wear disposable gloves when changing diapers and to get a new pair before changing another child’s diaper. The changing table is cleaned with a disinfectant spray after each diaper change.

Nursing Mothers

A comfortable room is available to nursing moms adjacent to the women’s restroom in the Main Building foyer.

Parent Helper Nursery Rotation

As many parents know, little ones are very physically active and they require much attention to keep them safe.  We rely heavily on our volunteers and parents in order to give the quality care we desire to the many children in our nursery and to keep our ratio of caregivers to children low (i.e., 1:1 to 1:5).  And so, we ask that each parent/guardian, who has a child in our Nursery Ministry, work in a Nursery class every 6 to 10 weeks for a one-hour shift.  After 6 months of regular attendance, each parent/guardian will be contacted by our Nursery Coordinator and scheduled to serve in the Nursery as a Parent Helper.

Exempt parents are those who volunteer in another FBC Ministry on a regular basis (at least once/month).