Preschool - 4th Grade

Preschool (Pre-K – Kindergarten)

While participating in our preschool-aged Sunday school class, your child will begin to understand how and why we worship God; to know that the stories of the Bible are true; and that the Bible is God’s message of love to us. They will also practice Scripture memory and learn what it means to trust, love and obey God.

Here's what we're learning in Sunday school!

Class format

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes have a large and small group format using Creative Pastors’ Elevate, Jr. curriculum. Once checked in and greeted by their teacher, the children play with toys and games until the service begins.  They then gather in a large group for singing, prayer and offering and to hear a Bible story through creative story-telling, puppetry, live drama or interactive video clips. After story time, the children form in small groups to rotate through different activities that enhance the Bible lesson (i.e., games, art/craft projects and snack.)

Early Elementary (1st – 2nd grade)

Children in this age group will be part of an exciting, fun-filled environment as they participate in interactive large and small group activities. By the time your child completes second grade, he/she will learn to listen to Bible verses and stories with understanding; be able to identify key words and actions of main Bible characters; and memorize the names of the first 4-5 books of the Old and New Testaments, as well as selected Scriptures.

Here's what we're learning in Sunday school!

Middle Elementary (3rd – 4th Grade)

As your child engages in interactive Bible stories, games, competition and meaningful kids’ worship, he/she will learn: more about God’s greatness and goodness; to understand the Holy Trinity; to choose ways to show God how they love, trust and obey Him through worship, prayer, attitudes and actions; that God has a special plan for each believer; and how to serve Jesus by serving others in the church, the community and the world. 

Here's what we're learning in Sunday school!

Class format for Early & Middle Elementary (1st – 4th Grade)

For Grades 1 – 4, we use a high-energy, theme-based, interactive video curriculum from Creative Pastors’: Elevate.  After check-in, children go to their appropriate classroom to be greeted and to gather in large group where they will: worship God using a variety of time-honored and contemporary, age-appropriate Christian songs; hear the Bible story and learn about Bible truths through creative story-telling, puppetry, live drama or interactive video clips; be introduced to the week’s Bible memory verse through a fun, large group activity.

About 20-30 minutes into the service, the children will break out into age-appropriate groups of 10-15 kids where the lesson is further discussed and reinforced through activities, games, art projects and sometimes snacks.