Our singles LifeGroup is made up of people (ages 28+) who are engaging in life, maturing in their relationship with Jesus, serving those in need and being fruitful not only in and through the Church but the community as well. We welcome anyone and everyone who is single. You don’t need to be from FBC to join us. Come, just as you are and join us. If you have any questions, please contact Phill Brown at

Thursday evening Singles LifeGroup

Rm. A-1 from 6:30-8pm | Sorry, childcare not provided.

We will not meet Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year


Tuesday evening Single Parents LifeGroup - Flying Solo

Tuesdays in Rm. E-202 from 6:30-8pm | Childcare available with prior registration

Find new hope and strength in single parenting! What makes strong single parent families? You do! As the head of your household, your family draws its strength from your strength. Come together with the other single parents who are actively “in the trenches” of parenting! Don’t know any other single parents? Now you do! We’d love for you to join our group! Join us Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30ish in Rm. E-202. Childcare available. Contact: Judi |



  • This is a friendship-based group (not a meat/meet market).
  • We are here to lift each other up. Use words that encourage and edify others.
  • All behavior and communication should honor Christ and others in a safe atmosphere of love and respect.
  • One may not date until his/her divorce is legal and final.
  • This is a drug-free and alcohol-free environment.
  • Our Singles LifeGroup does not promote personal events.
  • Honor the privacy of others. Personal information may not be used for any reason without permission.