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Advent Conspiracy for KidZone!


What do Advent conspiracy and Unexpected Blessings have in common?

AC LogoGiving and serving others. Who gave us the ­first "unexpected blessing"? God did, through the birth, life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

These past few weeks you were asked to be an "unexpected blessing" to the people you know. Now we are inviting you to join together as a church to be an "unexpected blessing" to future generations. We need to complete the KidZone and there is still much to do. We appreciate all the work and ­financial gifts that have allowed us to get this far in the project, and we are asking that you consider taking a few additional steps:

  • Bring your recycling to the church November 17-December 22. (Aluminum and plastic only; NO GLASS. All containers must have a CRV.)***
  • Use the Unexpected Blessings envelope you'll receive in services on December 8 and bring your contribution toward the project to our services on December 22.
  • Give online any time.
  • Designate a year-end gift.

Join with us and bless the future generations with the completion of their new classrooms by Spring 2014.

recycle***Remember we can only recycle aluminum and plastic.

All items must bear the CRV emblem (i.e. soda cans, water, soda or juice bottles). No glass or milk containers.